It is with excitement that I welcome you into 2023.

This new year opens up new vistas of opportunities for individuals, families, for businesses and for our nation Nigeria.

As an organization, as we look back over 2022, we are extremely proud of our achievement and the heights we have attained. The outstanding performance of our Staff and continued patronage from Clients and Collaborators made our effort pay-off.

As a nation, regardless of the many challenges: from insecurity to the devastating effects of climate change across the length and breadth of Nigeria, to increased live-in poverty rate, we recognize and are delighted at the phenomenal progress recorded in the electoral process especially with voter registration and PVC Collection.

As Nigerians gear up to go to the polls to choose their leaders for the next political cycle, we hope that the decisions at the poll will birth the Nigeria of our dreams for renewed pride and strategic positioning amongst the committee of Nations. 

Consequently, NOIPolls remains resolute in providing credible data on critical national issues with the aim of gaining insight into the hopes, fears, concerns, challenges and aspiration of Nigerians for improved policy formulation.

As you unravel the intriguing layers of 2023, I wish you exciting opportunities and possibilities and incredible new heights.

Happy New Year.